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they are the cutest ever @TylerL_Hoechlin @tylergposey @MTVteenwolf #TeenWolf #SDCC (x)

tom: i promise i’m never doing that again.
nicole: that needs to be a gif. [x]

Jordan Gavaris responds to a fan’s story about how Orphan Black helped her come out because the character Cosima is not reduced to her sexuality. (x)

Let the games begin. #SDCC


As if you needed any more reason to be pumped about Fox’s Gotham

8 Striking Character Posters


Dylan O’Brien on the Stydia moment in the mid-season trailer at SDCC (x)

your little girls are
d y i n g


so in this video hoechlin was telling the story where he thought shelley was jill and he kissed her on the cheek and holland says “in tyler hoechlin’s world, giving a kiss on the cheek is an assault” and hoechlin is all flustered and is like “i invaded her personal space!!”

and basically tyler hoechlin is an actual angel

This town is at a tipping point. Crime and corruption ooze from every corner.

Gotham (2014)